We’ve rebranded

By: neurobox

You May Notice Things Look a Little Different Around Here

We’ve Got a New Name, and a New Look and Feel!

It’s been nearly 6 years since Dyslexia Box was founded and a lot has changed in this time.

Here are a few of the things we’re super proud of:

  1. Supporting our 5,000th employee this January!
  2. Growing our training and coaching team to over 50.
  3. Winning the Cambridge Independent Tech for Good Award.
  4. Being involved in the Remote4all Research Project with Coventry University, Vodaphone and the NHS.
  5. Moving to our new HQ – office move no. 3 due to team expansion.

Why the Change?

With our growth, we felt our name no longer reflected who we are today and what we do. We work with organisations and employers and support a wide range of neurodifferences such as ADHD, autism, Dyspraxia, mental health etc. Yet our name only focused on one.

So we’ve been busy behind the scenes, and we’re delighted to introduce you to our new name and identity…out with the old, in with the new.

Old name: Dyslexia Box

New name: neurobox


Dyslexia box logo and then neurobox Logo



Our new name is a step forward. This a small change but we feel this better reflects the broad range of neurodifferences we support whilst keeping some continuity.

Our new identity is bold and designed to make an impact – this is because we truly believe what we do has a positive impact on so many lives and we’re immensely proud of this.

Making a difference and empowering neurodivergent and disabled employees is still at the heart of what we do. We’re still here to support you build neuroinclusive workplaces with our range of services.

Our mission

We’re here to make the workplace a level-playing field – one where everyone thrives and reaches their full potential.

Working together with organisations and employees we create awareness, improve wellbeing, and break down barriers within the workplace through our tailored end-to-end support programmes.

Our Values

Everything we do, and how we do it is underpinned by our core values.

  • Make a difference – we change lives.
  • Champion – we celebrate and champion everyone’s differences.
  • Together – we work together, with confidence and trust to build neuroinclusive workspaces.
  • Impact – we’re committed to making a positive impact inside and outside of the workplace
  • Knowledge sharing – we share what we’ve learnt by way of experience to benefit others.

How can we support you?

We have a range of workplace services including:

  1. Consultancy & Audits – these services are tailored to your organisation’s needs, from strategy development right through to implementation. Our services are solution-focused and project-based. Services include Audits, Strategy & Policy Development, and Disability Confidence Accreditation.
  2. Coaching – the purpose of workplace strategy coaching is to enable the client to explore and implement strategies in response to their specific challenges, strengths and situation. These strategies are designed to complement any reasonable adjustments already in place. Specific topics that may be explored include communication and presentations, time management, organisation, project planning, self-advocacy, effective reading and writing techniques, stress management and developing confidence.
  3. Awareness Training – our training is great for creating open and inclusive workplaces. In return, this can encourage higher disclosure rates from disabled and neurodivergent employees.
  4. Workplace Needs Assessment – an essential first step to ensuring that disabled or neurodivergent employees get the workplace adjustments they need to help them be as productive and confident as possible.
  5. Assistive Technology – we’re a leading supplier of assistive technology equipment and software. We can also provide expert training that’s tailored to you/your employees’ specific learning styles, job roles and challenges.
  6. Access to Work – our end-to-end Access to Work service is designed to streamline and simplify an otherwise stressful procedure. We can supply all your recommendations and support you with a dedicated account manager.

Find out more about our services

Our neurohub

If you’re looking for resources and insights, check out our neurohub- we’ll be filling it with toolkits, resources and webinars over the next few months!

Visit our neurohub