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Our comprehensive range of Workplace Adjustment Support Services supports organisations to build neurodivergent-friendly workplaces. They do this by improving understanding, creating awareness, improving well-being, and breaking down barriers in the workplace.


Our Consultancy Services are a great place to start in learning how to support neurodiverse employees. Whether you’re looking to audit your current provision or you need consulting services, policy development, or support with the Disability Confident accreditation—we can help. Our approach is outcome-focused and project-based. We work with you to create the solutions to create the change your organisation needs.

Neurodiversity and Disability Audits

A good starting point! Our comprehensive Neurodiversity and Disability Audit analyses your business’ current policies, procedures, and practices across a range of business areas.


Our Neurodiversity Consultancy Service is tailored to your organisation’s needs, from advice and guidance for line managers and HR to reviewing existing people policies and procedures.

Neuroinclusion Strategy and Policy Development

Our experts will support you through the process of developing a neurodiversity inclusion in the workplace strategy and operational plan, culminating in creating a policy for your organisation.

Disability Confident Accreditation

As a Disability Confident Leader, we’re able to support organisations through the process from Levels 1 to 3.

Neurodiversity & Disability Awareness communications campaign

Working with your Communications and Marketing team we’ll develop a Communications & Marketing strategy and campaign that shapes your internal and external communications around Neurodiversity and Disability.


Our Awareness Training is great for creating open and inclusive workplaces. We offer training for groups and line managers. In return, this can encourage higher disclosure rates from disabled and neurodivergent employees.

Disability Awareness Training

Our Disability Awareness Training enables managers and staff to become more aware of the needs of disabled employees and colleagues and those with long-term health conditions. 

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Neurodiversity Awareness Training

Our Neurodiversity Awareness Training enables managers and staff to become more aware of the needs of their employees and colleagues with neurodifferences, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and ASD. 

Managers Awareness Training

A session for managers to support understanding, awareness and inclusion of neurodiversity and an exploration of the challenges they may encounter. 

Assistive Technology & Training

We’re a leading supplier of assistive technology equipment and software. We’re also able to provide expert training that’s tailored to your specific learning style, job role and challenges. 

Disability Impact Training

Our Disability Impact Training provides the opportunity for newly diagnosed individuals to explore the impact of a disability or neurodivergent trait from a workplace perspective and then develop an action plan. 


Our Coaching Sessions are tailored to the specific situation of the individual. Our coaches take a holistic approach to help you identify goals and then achieve them. It’s important to us that we match you with a coach suitable for your needs. 

Workplace Strategy Coaching

Our Workplace Strategy Coaching is a bespoke one-to-one service designed to equip you with the strategies needed to overcome barriers in the workplace and develop skills. 


Our Co-Coaching Sessions provide an opportunity for employees and their managers to build understanding and strengthen existing working relationships. 

One-to-One Neurodiversity & Disability Coaching for Managers

Our Neurodiversity and Disability Coaching for managers offers one-to-one training and coaching, supporting managers to understand an individual’s diagnosis, recommended adjustments, and more… 

Workplace Needs Assessment

Workplace Needs Assessment

Our Workplace Needs Assessment is an essential first step to ensuring that disabled or neurodivergent employees get the workplace adjustments they need to help them be as productive and confident as possible. Help your employee bring their full, authentic selves to work! 

Assistive Technology

We’re a leading supplier of assistive technology equipment and software. We can also provide expert training that’s tailored to you/your employees’ specific learning styles, job roles and challenges. 

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Assistive Technology & Training

We’re a leading supplier of assistive technology software and hardware. We can also deliver training that is tailored to your job role and challenges. 

Customer Care and Technical Support

Our team can deliver advice and guidance over the phone, via email, and through live support software. We are dedicated to making your entire experience seamless and stress-free so you can rely on us. 

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Dragon Scripting

Our Advanced Dragon Scripting Service creates customised Dragon voice controls to enable you to perform all the actions needed in any application. 

Access to Work

Our end-to-end Access to Work Service is designed to streamline and simplify an otherwise stressful procedure. 

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Access to Work

We have a four-step approach and guarantee that we will meet your unique Access to Work requirements. 

We can also supply all your recommendations from your report. 

If your organisation has several Access to Work reports to process, we can also support you with a dedicated Account Manager. 

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Visit our shop to purchase assistive technology (software and hardware) 

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Is dyslexia a neurodiversity?

Yes, dyslexia is a neurodifference, or neurodivergent condition. From an educational perspective it’s usually referred to as a specific learning difficulty. Dyslexia can affect reading, writing, spelling and sometimes speaking. Individuals with dyslexia can excel in problem-solving, creativity, visual thinking and other areas. Challenges include difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition. Neurodiversity refers to the whole range of cognitive styles – neurodivergent and neurotypical. 

How can you promote neurodiversity in the workplace?

If you’re wondering how to support neurodiversity in the workplace, this involves creating an inclusive environment in which individuals with diverse cognitive styles and abilities can thrive. Supporting neurodiversity in the workplace can come in the forms of providing training and awareness programmes, implementing flexible work arrangements, offering alternative communication methods, creating opportunities for neurodiverse employees, partnering with neurodiversity advocacy organisations, ensuring that recruitment and hiring processes are inclusive, and encouraging a culture of openness and acceptance. Implementing these strategies makes embracing neurodiversity in the workplace possible.