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We’re a leading workplace adjustments provider based in the UK, dedicated to fostering inclusive and accessible work environments for disabled and neurodivergent individuals. Our goal is to make the workplace a level-playing field – one where everyone thrives and reaches their full potential.

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Organisations looking to build inclusive workplaces for their employees.


Supporting individuals to thrive and reach their full potential in the workplace.


Working together to provide a full end-to-end programme of support.

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Policy and Research Update: November 2024

November update Response to the Public Services Committee inquiry: The transition from education to employment for young disabled people. This month we’re sharing our response to the Public Services...
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Dr Deborah Leveroy

Inspiration: more than mind-mapping

What is Inspiration? Inspiration is a visual thinking tool which boosts creativity, encourages critical thinking and breaks down barriers to planning, communicating and learning; helping users to achieve more...

Ayoa Ultimate for Access to Work

What is Ayoa Ultimate? Ayoa Ultimate with AI is an innovative mind-mapping software that blends brainstorming tools, task management, and collaborative features with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. The platform assists...