Policy and Research Update: June 2024

By: Dr Deborah Leveroy

June 2024


Call for participants: Development of a Line Manager Toolkit for Disabled and/or Neurodivergent Remote Workers (DNRWs)

We are currently gathering the views of line managers and neurodivergent/disabled remote workers to develop a line manager toolkit for disabled and/or remote workers. If you would be interested to take part in this research it will involve just one 1 hour focus group (or 121 interview if preferred) where views will be collated and analysed and then utilised in the development and evaluation of the toolkit content. All contributions will be anonymised. The toolkit will be shared widely online. Please contact christine.grant@coventry.ac.uk to take part.

The project is funded by: ESRC Impact Acceleration Fund (IAA) Partnership Development Awards.

Background to current study:

This project builds on an existing ESRC funded research project entitled ‘Remote4All’ (R4All), whereby disabled and/or neurodivergent remote workers (DNRWs), employers and key stakeholders were interviewed for their experiences of remote working.  Remote working was found to be a positive accommodation for this community of workers and those seeking employment (only 1 in 5 disabled people are employed according to government statistics).

This follow-on project is based on a key finding from the R4All project, whereby Line Manager support was found to be lacking in both knowledge and skills when related to DNRWs, thus reducing the benefits of remote working.  To capitalise on the impact gained through working with R4All stakeholders and recent engagement with SMEs via the Festival of Social Science this project seeks to provide essential training for Line Managers. Line Manager support is essential for DNRWs to achieve sustainable work and accrue the related well-being benefits.

Remote4All written evidence published on the UK Parliament’s committee website.

Back in May, the Remote4All research was presented to the Work and Pensions Select Committee Disability employment inquiry. During the session, the MPs questioned disability charities, employment specialists, and academics, including our research partner Dr Christine Grant. The Committee’s inquiry looked at how disabled people can be better supported to start and stay in work, and the effectiveness of the Government’s recent efforts to narrow the disability employment gap. The inquiry follows the Committee’s 2021 report on the topic, which warned that the DWP’s national programme for supporting disabled people in work was not performing.

Read the written evidence, published on the UK Parliament’s Committee website:  committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/130296/pdf/ 



Recording of Work and Pension Select Committee panel 1st May 2024: 



About the author

Dr Deborah Leveroy Neurodiversity Lead, a lady with short dark hair wearing a light blue jumper, sits smiling on a chair
Dr Deborah Leveroy
Head of Consultancy & Research

Dr. Deborah Leveroy is Neurodiversity and Inclusion Lead at neurobox. She works with organisations to advance neuro-inclusion strategy and practice. Deborah has a PhD in Dyslexia, inclusion and performer training from the University of Kent.

Her research is published by Routledge in peer-reviewed journals and edited collections. Current research interests include Neuroinclusive return to work practices and remote working. Previous roles include Disability Advisor for Remploy’s BBC workplace adjustment contract, Strategy Coach and Workplace Needs Assessor for PAM occupational health and Study Skills Tutor for several DSA providers.


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